The award winning  Multi Power Combo Modular UPS is the ultimate modular UPS for data centres and other critical loads.   

The MULTI POWER is designed to protect any critical high-density computer and IT environment, whilst achieving maximum availability. The MPW grows along with the demands of the business without oversizing the UPS – optimizing both the initial investment and the Total Cost of Ownership. As soon as demand increases, the Riello MPW modular solution can expand its power capability, maintaining the highest levels of power protection, availability, redundancy and investment savings.

Product highlights:

  • Utmost Availability
  • Ultimate Scalability
  • Unmatching Power Density
  • Efficiency > 96,5%
  • Multi Control
  • Multi Flexible
  • Multi Communication

Multi Power Combo Cabinet is complete with 2 x MPW 42 Power Module and 2 x MPW KBB Battery shelf.  Should power requirements increase an additional MPW 42 Power Module can be added to provide 84kW (N + 1). Up to 3 more MPW KBB battery shelves can also be added to give additional back up time.

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